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Story Roundup: February 2021

Stories from across the movement

In the Vineyard we love to share stories! Here are some of the stories that we shared through February 2021.

Arm Healed at the Vineyard National Gathering (Trent Vineyard)

This month we loved to hear the stories from the Vineyard National Gathering which took place online in January. Here’s a story of healing that happened during the telling of a story!

Devices for Disadvantaged Children (Vineyard Community Church Daventry)

We’ve heard so many incredible stories of creative generosity through the pandemic. Read the full story from Vineyard Community Church Daventry here.

Baking Brownies for Neighbours (Ipswich Vineyard)

We love this story about how Has and Vicky reached out to their neighbours in lockdown.

Providing Home Cooked Melas for NHS Staff in Ashford (Ashford Vineyard)

We love this story from Ashford Vineyard about how they have been supporting their local NHS staff in such a creative and inspiring way! Read the full story or watch the video here.

Cluster Headaches Healed at the VNG (Gateway Vineyard)

Here’s another story of healing from the Vineyard National Gathering in January!

Stomach Condition Healed (South West London Vineyard)

We love this story of healing from the VNG!

A Dream to Bake Cookies (Coventry Vineyard)

This is a fun story of creativity snd generosity! Read it in full here.

Inspired to Pray at the VNG (Bristol Vineyard)

We loved Sheilagh’s story about how she was inspired to take her place in this season.

Toys for Struggling Families (Rayleigh Vineyard)

Rayleigh Vineyard showed so much generosity towards struggling families in their community.

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