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The Leadership College is a key step in our movement’s pathway for leadership. That means that it could form part of your journey towards vocational ministry in the Vineyard.

It comprises of a year-long intensive part-time programme for those experiencing a compelling call to leadership and seeking to invest in that call in an intentional and deliberate way. We anticipate that many of those stepping into vocational ministry or church planting in the coming years, will be graduates of the Leadership College. If you haven’t participated in Leadership Essentials before, then this can be combined with the Leadership College.

Our 4 Ministry Values


The course follows a curriculum which has been designed by experienced and seasoned leaders from around the movement. It has been shaped by educators in a way that takes account of the most recent research into how people learn and process information in a way that sticks.


Our intention is to create an environment in which your growth in knowledge and understanding is matched by a similar level of growth in faith, and expectation. Our desire is that each student would experience a significant measure of healing and spiritual development throughout the course of the year.


It says in the book of Proverbs that “as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” As soon as the College year starts, a rich and deep sense of mutuality and friendship will begin to form amongst the students, as a beautifully diverse student body is moulded by the Holy Spirit into a learning and growing community. These relationships will be formational during the journey and last for many years to come.

Caught and Taught

As well as high quality taught content from leaders and experts from the Vineyard around the world, a central aspect of the course is access; access to the leadership culture of your own church, and to many of the leaders at the heart of our movement. Deliberate space is created for informal conversation and observation, and there will be plenty of interaction and opportunity to ask questions.

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