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The Leadership College is a key step in our movement’s pathway for leadership. That means that it could form part of your journey towards vocational ministry in the Vineyard.

It comprises of a year-long intensive part-time programme for those experiencing a compelling call to leadership and seeking to invest in that call in an intentional and deliberate way. We anticipate that many of those stepping into vocational ministry or church planting in the coming years, will be graduates of the Leadership College. If you haven’t participated in Leadership Essentials before, then this can be combined with the Leadership College.

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Our 4 Ministry Values


The course follows a curriculum which has been designed by experienced and seasoned leaders from around the movement. It has been shaped by educators in a way that takes account of the most recent research into how people learn and process information in a way that sticks.


Our intention is to create an environment in which your growth in knowledge and understanding is matched by a similar level of growth in faith, and expectation. Our desire is that each student would experience a significant measure of healing and spiritual development throughout the course of the year.


It says in the book of Proverbs that “as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” As soon as the College year starts, a rich and deep sense of mutuality and friendship will begin to form amongst the students, as a beautifully diverse student body is moulded by the Holy Spirit into a learning and growing community. These relationships will be formational during the journey and last for many years to come.

Caught and Taught

As well as high quality taught content from leaders and experts from the Vineyard around the world, a central aspect of the course is access; access to the leadership culture of your own church, and to many of the leaders at the heart of our movement. Deliberate space is created for informal conversation and observation, and there will be plenty of interaction and opportunity to ask questions.

Student Testimonials

Student from York Vineyard

I am continually learning how to choose faith over fear in all circumstances and seasons and that saying yes in obedience involves action that will almost always include sacrifice. I now know that being a single female does not in any way, shape or form disqualify me in stepping out as a church leader; it has taken this year in College to lay down and surrender my singleness fully to God.

Student from Manchester Vineyard

After College I am hungrier for God's word, his Kingdom and seeking his face. College has been such an equipping and releasing time and it has encouraged me all the more to really want to play my part in the best way that I can in Jesus’ beautiful church. College has simultaneously satisfied and ignited a fresh hunger for what the Lord is doing in my life and the lives of those around me.

Student from Trent Vineyard

The College has been an amazing journey! Continued spiritual and personal transformation, getting out of the ‘grave clothes’ (nearly everything I wore was black) and instead embracing life and colour! I had also not expected much regarding diversity- but was struck by the intentionality of the team to bring us diverse speakers. I also discovered that I can do theology!!

Student from Catalyst Vineyard (Aberdeen)

I feel like a completely different person and leader after spending a year at Leadership College. I had the space to hear God’s voice, be challenged and grow into all he has for me. I felt like during this year God rewrote my history, helped me repent of the nevers I’d spoken over my life and now I want to see others restored to the people God made them to be. There is so much more freedom, joy and adventure with God than I thought possible.

Student from Life Vineyard, Newcastle

This year has had a huge impact on my identity, being more secure in who I am and what I'm called to do. Being more sure of God's love and trusting in him. It makes it easier say no to things not for me and to ask for opportunities to grow in my calling. I've also received so many promises from him through words and pictures from people on the College that I can rely on through the next part of the journey.

Student from Wokingham Vineyard

Having asked my College mentor how I've changed over the year, she shared how my passion for the Kingdom is infectious... "you went looking for the Vineyard and found the Kingdom". I couldn’t say it any better myself! As someone who is fairly new to the movement I wanted to understand the Vineyard better, but what I was seeking was not what I needed. What I needed was to let go of some old hang ups and fully submit myself to Jesus. This year I found the wonders of the Kingdom and never plan to let it go.

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