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Story Roundup: November 2020

Stories from across the movement

In the Vineyard we love to share stories! Here are some incredible stories from churches across the UK and Ireland from the month of November. 

Church In Person For the First Time (East Kilbride Vineyard)

We just loved this story from East Kilbride Vineyard.

Boxes of Hope (Foyle Vineyard)

We’ve heard so many incredible stories of generosity and compassion. You can read Foyle Vineyard’s full story here.

Grant Secured for Compassion Services (Trent Vineyard)

We love this story of partnership from Trent Vineyard in Nottingham!

Drive Through Sundays (Carlisle Vineyard)

The team at Carlisle Vineyard have got creative in this season. Read about their drive through Sundays here.

Kids Pray for Healing on Zoom (South Liverpool Vineyard)

We love that everyone gets to play in the Vineyard… even our littlest!

God is Moving in Our Cities (Inverness Vineyard)

God is moving, and we love to hear the stories!

God Came and Found Me in a Chip Shop (Trent Vineyard)

This month we hosted Cause to Live For, our students and young adults conference, online! We loved looking back to CTLF 2019 and celebrating Toby’s story! Read it here.

Gifts of Encouragement for the NHS (East Kilbride Vineyard & Cumbernauld Vineyard)

This month we heard the story of two church plants working together. It’s definitely worth a read! Check it out here.

Christmas Full Circle (Causeway Coast Vineyard)

We love this story of compassion and generosity from the North Coast of Ireland!

Supporting Students in Nottingham (Trent Vineyard)

Amy from Trent Vineyard shared how they have been reaching out to isolated students in their city. Read the full story here.

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