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Supporting Students in Nottingham

Trent Vineyard

At the end of September, thousands of University students – full of anticipation for the year ahead – arrived in Nottingham. Just two weeks, over 2,000 of them had been confirmed positive for Covid-19. Thousands more had to isolate as a result.  We spoke to Amy Prinsloo at Trent Vineyard to find out more. 

For so many of these young people, this was the first time they’d lived away from home. In a new environment, miles away from everything and everyone they’re used to. When the only people you’ve got to know in the city are your flatmates and they’re all having to isolate too, who do you ask for help?

Like many churches up and down the country, we (Trent Vineyard) knew we had to do something. So we reached out to everyone we could think of, and amazingly, we were given an incredible opportunity to bless the students in our city.

Through partnering with one of the University’s self catered halls, we were able to give away over 100 care packages to isolating students in the space of a week. These little packs were filled with all the essentials and some comforting treats like crisps and chocolate to keep the students going!

The response was even more shocking than we expected. 

One young guy we delivered to had been living off pasta and salt. There was nothing left in his flat that he could eat. When we rocked up at his front door in our PPE with his care package ready to hand over, he was incredibly grateful!

One flat of girls all signed up for a care package and were overwhelmed to find each package contained a roll of toilet paper – the very thing they were desperately in need of!

But it hasn’t just been all about fulfilling the practical need. On delivering a care package to a guy in this self catered accommodation, our team asked how he was doing. ‘I’m really lonely’ he responded. Though we weren’t able to pray with him due to our agreement with the accommodation, our team was able to show him the tangible love of Jesus and speak words of comfort and encouragement to him.

So many of the students we’ve been able to support over the last few weeks were amazed that the church cared enough about them to want to help.

Our hope and prayer is that through this small act of generosity, we’ve been able to show these freshers that they are cared for, and that they’re not alone. 

If you’re a student who’s isolating in Nottingham or you know someone who is, head to and let us know how we can help!

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