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Lockdown Stories: Coming to know Jesus in Lockdown

Causeway Coast Vineyard

How do we tell people about Jesus in the middle of lockdown? This has been the question that lots of people have been asking in the middle of this difficult and unusual season.

Joel from Causeway Coast Vineyard in Northern Ireland decided that he would make the most of his daily exercise to share Jesus’ love with his community. In thirty minutes of his day, he met three people eager and hungry to meet with God. Here are the stories.

“I went for a walk for my daily exercise by the sea, and ended up praying for three guys – with social distancing in place! The first person I prayed for was a medical supplies driver. He was partly healed of tinnitus while he was experiencing a physical sense of tingling and electricity.

A bit further along my walk, I met a guy who had an awful home situation, who had received a food box from the church earlier that week. I chatted to him and prayed for a few things including physical pain, but nothing changed. Then, while we were talking about him recommitting his life to Jesus he stood up, walked around, and said, ‘It feels better!’. His constant and serious joint pain from an eight-month-old injury had vanished for the first time.

At the end of the promenade, another young guy was sitting with his bike – he was taking a breather from home because things were tense with his family. He eagerly shared lots of prayer requests and ended up asking me how he could be free from bad choices. He explained that he really wanted a higher power that could help him. I shared the gospel and explained how much Jesus loved him, and he said ‘How do I talk to him? How do I let him in?’ As he prayed a ‘yes’ to Jesus and asked the Spirit to fill him, he physically felt electricity and peace. It was amazing to hear him become excited about connecting with God as a Father!

It was really encouraging to me as, honestly, I hadn’t had a particularly productive day, and wasn’t really feeling very excited about praying for strangers! In thirty minutes, I met 3 people eager and hungry to meet with God. I really think there is a harvest out there, and it doesn’t take much more than our ‘yes’. God is moving, and it’s exciting!”

Watch Joel tell his story below.

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