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Story Roundup: March 2020

Stories from across the movement

Now, more than ever, it is so important that we tell stories about what God is doing across our country. Despite the uncertain times that we’re in, God is on the move in powerful ways and we want to share these stories to give God the honour and the glory that he deserves, whilst reminding one another that we are not alone! 

We love to hear the stories from so many followers of Jesus who have been asking “what is this season making available?” in these unknown and unprecedented times. Despite isolation, social distancing measures and sickness, God is still working. These uncertain times have the potential to make us feel alone and isolated. Sharing stories about what God is doing across the UK and Ireland can remind us that we are not alone. We might not be seeing breakthrough in our own circumstances, but we can continue celebrate that God is real, alive and at work because of the stories we hear from other places. 

As we reach the end of the month, here are the stories that we shared throughout March. We hope that they inspire you and give you hope in this unprecedented time.

Healed From Chest Pain During Baptism (West Suffolk Vineyard)

At the start of the month we told this incredible story of how one man was totally healed of his chest pain of 4 years when he got baptised. His baptism didn’t just symbolise spiritual transformation, he also experienced physical transformation too!

In his own words, he explained: ‘a healing miracle that has changed my life. I got more than I expected when I got baptised’.”

How great is our God? You can read the full story here.

Connecting With Isolated Student (Causeway Coast Vineyard)

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, we’ve heard wonderful stories of local churches serving those in their communities and being the hands and feet of Jesus. This wonderful story comes from Causeway Coast Vineyard when they went above and beyond to love their neighbours.

From Intensive Care to Home (Antwerp Vineyard)

We received amazing and miraculous news this month from the Vineyard in Antwerp! One of the senior leaders from their church was taken to Intensive Care with Coronavirus, barely able to breath but as people began to pray, he quickly stabilised and was sent home! Read the full story here.

Loving Our Neighbours (Trent Vineyard)

This month we heard a great story from a couple at Trent Vineyard who handed out some leaflets to their neighbours, offering them practical help or a chat in this tricky time. After flyering they had over 20 responses and a street WhatsApp group went from 3 to 30 members, with people even doing shopping for neighbours they’d never met!

“We’ve experienced more community this week than in the last two years of living here!”

We have a God who brings beauty out of ashes, joy out of mourning, and we love hearing how he has been bringing community out of isolation!

Saying ‘Yes’ to Jesus at School (Mid Antrim Vineyard)

Just before the schools closed down we heard this beautiful story showing the courage and faith of our children. We love the boldness of our Vineyard kids and the ways that they are extending God’s Kingdom through praying for healing and leading their friends to Jesus!

Rewriting Stories of Hope (Hull Vineyard)

Before the nations went into lockdown, Hull Vineyard saw God do amazing things in their church community when one of their students simply said yes to the invitation of Jesus.

We’ve loved hearing so many stories over the last month and we know that God is still very much on the move even in this strange time. We might be restricted physically but God never stops working and we can be confident that he is working all things for good!

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28

If you have a story that you’d love to share, please email us here.

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