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Drive Through Sundays at Carlisle Vineyard

Carlisle Vineyard

Church looks different this season. We love to hear stories about churches thinking outside the box to creatively engage with their communities! We chatted to Rhoda Fearon (Senior Pastor) from Carlisle Vineyard to find out what they’ve been up to.

“Drive Through is one of our ideas to ‘keep hope alive’ this winter time, because we recognise that this season could be especially tough. We’ve decided to utilise our last Sunday of the month to connect with one another, to bless Carlise and to be equipped for whatever the road ahead looks like.  Drive Through is a whole family gathering, and definitely one for us to invite those in our neighbourhoods along to!

Practically, Drive Through looks like three pause points on a 15 minute journey loop around the Vineyard Hub on our slightly battered site.  Those coming don’t leave their vehicles, and the team keep a social distance and wear appropriate PPE while chatting and praying.  We’ve designated pedestrian slots too!  

The first point is for welcome: we give out little bags of jelly babies and also facilitate a point of reflection, for example, last week we asked people to write down act-of-kindness-ideas for Cumbria Kindness Day. 

People then drive round to the second station, which is a point of collection – last time we collected items of food for the local Foodbank.

In our final station, we give out Bags of Courage (paper bags filled with treats and encouragement) for people to distribute in their circles of influence. Currently, we are also handing out save the date invites for our Christmas event!  

Feedback from the Drive Through has been overwhelmingly positive. People have said that the point of connection has had a great effect on their mental health, and it’s brought courage to hearts and minds. We’ve planned a Drive Through in every month until the end of March, and we’re excited to see who comes along!”

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