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A Dream to Bake Cookies!

Coventry Vineyard

We loved hearing this story from one lady at Coventry Vineyard.

“In my Journey Group we have recently read the story of Joseph. I was struck by how promptly Joseph responded to the dreams he had from God and so, like Joseph, I decided that I would write down and act on any of my dreams from God going forward.

Not long after, I had a dream where I baked loads of cookies and gave them away as thank you gifts to staff in schools. I remembered the story of Joseph, and decided to contact schools around Coventry that I had a link with to offer cookies for their staff. Then I got baking!

So far, I’ve made and delivered over 300 cookies to 6 different schools. The staff have been really grateful. Someone shared, ‘I just wanted to say that the cookies made a real difference today to us. It was a really kind gesture and you’ve given many a smile!’ Another person commented, ‘A lot of very grateful staff! I told one person about the trick of putting the cookie microwave for 15 seconds and before I knew it, the tip had spread round like wildfire!'”

If you’ve got a story about blessing your community during this season, we’d love to hear it! Email us at [email protected]

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