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Church databases can be such a helpful tool for growing a church. They allow connection and integration. They make it possible for event signups and follow-up. They help you spot trends and patterns. They also make sure that the back-gate to the sheepfold is closed, by leveraging data to help include and reach everyone. 

In this new Vineyard Training module, we hear from Gavin Courtney, founder of ChurchSuite, on how a church database can serve your church well and help you to grow healthily.

Learning Objectives:

1. Each church should be able to set-up and understand the importance of how to operate a church database.

2. Each church should be able to encourage event sign-ups and run the administration for an online event.

3. Each church should be able to use their database to ensure that everyone connected to their church can be communicated with and included in church activity, groups and services.

Module Spec:

  • One video
  • One handout
  • One quiz 


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