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The Vineyard is a church planting movement with a mandate from God to plant churches worldwide.

The Vineyard and Church Planting

Our goal is to plant, or begin new, healthy, fully functioning churches who in turn will also plant healthy churches.

So, we are looking for men and women who have heard this call from God, who are willing to be trained as church planters and then be sent out to plant new churches across the UK, Ireland and beyond!


James and Jen Rankine
For questions about planting churches in the UK & Ireland please contact our church planting team, which is led by James and Jen.

The Process Of Planting A Church

Get Involved In A Local Vineyard Church

In order to plant a healthy Vineyard church, the planter must first have been a part of one.

Study And Embrace Our Statement Of Faith

We embrace a theology deeply-rooted in Jesus’ proclamation and demonstration of the Kingdom of God.

Get To know And Embody Our Vision And Values

Our values describe not only what we believe, but how we do things and how our community feels and functions together.

Have A Conversation With Your Senior Pastor

A conversation will proceed an official recommendation for you to plant from your Senior Pastor.

Start The Discernment Process

This helpful time will help you determine if church planting is what God is calling you towards.

Undertake Further Training

We value knowledge and preparation and encourage potential church planters to seek out guidance and training, including Hub and Theological.

Get Connected To The Movement

Connection to the movement allows us to provide help and encouragement from our leadership and support system.

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