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Social Media is an incredibly powerful tool to help your church communicate, but alongside the opportunities there are steep learning curves, pitfalls and obstacles to overcome. This module walks you through everything you need to know on how to get started with Social Media, including setting up your channels, how to leverage planning and scheduling to maximise your presence on social media platforms, visuals and language.

Learning Objectives:

For each person to…

  • Understand the different social media platforms, how to operate them, how to set up each platform and know the main differences between each one.
  • Know about the 4 M’s (Message, Media, Moment, Market) and how to implement these for each social media message.
  • Understand how scheduling works and know what some of the popular options are around this.
  • Be able to apply the principles of powerful visuals to your own context, using a design tool such as canva.
  • Learn about authentic and consistent language which helps communicate vision and values,
  • Understand how communications can help build momentum.
  • Be able to start the process of sharing stories through their social platforms, understanding which stories to pick, how to tell them, where to tell them, verifying stories and sourcing stories.

Module Spec:

  • Nine videos
  • One handout
  • One quiz

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