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Learn how to deal with interpreting biblical texts in context, within the many layers of context that apply. It also deals with Rabbinical approaches to the Old Testament current within Second Temple Judaism and how Jesus was influenced by this, but also had a unique way of reading the Old Testament. It shows how his hermeneutic then influenced the writers of the New Testament. It then explores charismatic approaches to the text, and balances them with historic, ecumenical truth.


  • Learn how the act of interpretation is placed in a relational model, showing that humans are always engaging in interpretation, often unconsciously.
  • To understand the standard, historic principles and rules of interpreting scripture, normally found within the great tradition of the Reformers and the leaders of evangelical movements since then.
  • An systematic understanding of interpreting biblical texts in context, and the various layers of context that apply.
  • To comprehend the relationship between the Old Testament and the New Testament within sound hermeneutical principles.
  • To learn about the Rabbinical approaches current during the New Testament era, the unique way Jesus read and interpreted the Old Testament, and how this influenced the Christian movement and its writers.
  • To be able to balance revelatory experiences of the Holy Spirit, or charismatic approaches to interpretation, with a commitment to the “rule of faith”, or ecumenical Christian tradition and its historic rules of interpretation.


  • 8-10 hours of video
  • 10 hours of reading and studying
  • multiple-choice assessments

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