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Four post World War II factors have enabled us to rediscover Jesus in his historical context with reasonable probability, for the first time since the second/third century after Christ. Rediscovering Jesus – and his Kingdom mission and message – changes everything, from theology itself to how we do church, leadership, ministry and mission. The extended introduction lays the foundation of the why, what and how of Jesus Research, covering the technical aspects of Jesus Research. That sets you up for the remaining 10 learning blocks: the unfolding portrait of Jesus of Nazareth, from his birth and early formation, through his ministry life with its key elements, to his death and resurrection, as Alexander presents it. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduce you to historical Jesus studies – now called Jesus Research – and the importance thereof.
  • To rediscover the Jesus of the gospels in his historical context.
  • To have a clearer personal vision of Jesus – “Getting to Know the Real Jesus” – as much as that is possible with the evidence available to us in our day.
  • So that you fall in love with him and follow him more intensely than ever before.

Module Spec:

  • (37) short videos
  • Syllabus & Study Guide
  • PowerPoint slides 
  • Eleven Quizzes

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