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Around the world, churches are exploring creative and innovative ways of doing church, asking questions around what it would mean to do worship, ministry and mission in multiple locations across their city or region in response to COVID-19.

In this Vineyard Training module, we’ll hear from Chuck Freeland, Senior Pastor of Catalyst Vineyard in Scotland, who (together with his wife, Taryn) have launched nine sites in their locality.  Chuck & Taryn have trained churches around the UK & Ireland on multisite and the reality of how this church model works and how hidden within the layers of difficulty, pitfalls and struggle, there are very significant opportunities for the Church at this time.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the critical factors of a multisite church.
  • Explain the benefits and costs of a multisite church and make informed decisions based on these.
  • Understand the importance of appointing the appropriate leaders to lead a site.
  • Articulate what a site will do initially, what will be a priority, what will be optional for a site and what a site should not do.

Module Spec:

  • One video
  • One handout
  • One quiz

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