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Story Roundup: April 2021

Stories from across the movement

In the Vineyard we love to share stories! Here are some of the stories that we shared through April 2021.

Loving our Neighbours this Mother’s Day (Ipswich Vineyard)

We loved this story of generosity and compassion from Ipswich Vineyard!

Doorstep Dinners team delivers 10,000 meals (Carrickfergus Vineyard)

We have heard the stories of so many incredible compassion initiative this year! Here’s one from Carrickfergus Vineyard. Read the full story here.

Over 1000 Foodboxes in Bournemouth (Coastline Vineyard)

Coastline Vineyard have given away over 1000 food boxes to people in need around Bornemouth. Here’s a comment from one recipient.

Delivering Krispy Kreme Donuts to a Prison (Medway Vineyard)

In the Vineyard, we love a donut! Medway Vineyard gave away nearly 1000 donuts to prisoners and staff. Keep reading to find out more!

‘You are not alone’ Bags for Lonely Chemo Patients in Leeds (Leeds Vineyard)

Here’s a beautiful story of compassion from Leeds Vineyard! Read the full story here.

Planting a church in the middle of a pandemic – What now? (Thetford Vineyard)

Back in 2020, we shared the start of the story of the Thetford Vineyard. As the journey of this new church plant unfolded, we wanted to celebrate the next chapter in their story. Read the full article here.

Wrist Healed During Online Church (Birmingham Vineyard)

We loved this story of healing from one of the team at Birmingham Vineyard.

Fresh Fruit & Veg for Families (Kingston Vineyard)

A great story of compassion from Kingston Vineyard!

Restaurant Meals for ICU Staff (Hope Vineyard Oxford)

SO many incredible stories of churches reaching out to their communities with compassion. Here’s one from Hope Vineyard Oxford!

Churches in Groups of 6 (Thetford Vineyard)

We loved hearing about this creativity from a church planted in the pandemic!

Joy on Wheels (Blackburn Vineyard)

An exciting initiative in Blackburn!

Do you have a story about what God is doing in your community? We’d love to hear it! Email us: [email protected]

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