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In June, Senior and Associate Pastors from our upper sized bracket gathered at St Albans Vineyard for a ‘Large Church Forum’.

During this time Chris Lane, Senior Pastor at St Albans Vineyard, led those assembled through lessons learnt through his twenty eight years of leading a thriving church.

Chris said:

We’ve just had the great joy and privilege of hosting the 2016 Large Church Forum, which has seen us welcoming leaders from the length and breadth of the UK.  We are a relational movement, and we have found ourselves laughing with old friends and reaching out to new ones too.  We have listened and learnt from one another, whilst all the time marveling at God’s great goodness to us, in calling together such a wonderful, diverse and devoted bunch of believers!

The headline for this forum was “The Question of Growth,” and our time began with an excellent presentation by St Albans Lay Pastor Mark Helvadjian, who ran us through the process of turning vision into a tactical plan. This was followed by forum discussion, which covered topics like:

:: Our changing role in managing change

:: Working the strategic process through staff and volunteers

:: How do  we measure success?

Needless to say time was given to worship and ministry and all in all we were built up and encouraged! There’s only one more thing to say really and that’s “Lead on Lord Jesus… Lead on”!

About St Albans Vineyard

Chris and Fliss Lane planted the St Albans Vineyard in 1988. Since then it’s grown steadily into a large and thriving community of over 1200 members. The church has ‘planted’ eight other Vineyard churches during this time, including Southampton, Hull, Stevenage, Teeside, Canterbury, Hemel Hempstead, Dunstable and London Life Vineyard.

They have recently embarked on a second building project to make space for their growing church.

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