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Boot Camp…a review

London and South-East Region

On 22-24 April the London & South East region held their inaugural Boot Camp, Jim Denison (Canterbury Vineyard) tells us more about it and what happened:

What does the future hold?  This question is terrifying for some and exciting for others.  But one thing we do know, Jesus is looking for the Leaders through whom He wants to work in that future!  Why leave that to chance?  As The Vineyard in UK & Ireland we have so much to offer and so many dreams to bring to our Nations.

In the London and Southeast Region we felt it was time to gather a group of young, as of yet untapped, potential leaders in VCUKI and begin to develop a relationship of envisioning, “permission,” encouragement and equipping so that they know they are a part of a Movement that believes in them and is investing in their Leadership of our future!

Our first ever LSE Emerging Leader Boot Camp kicked off last weekend at Rock UK conference centre near Tonbridge in Kent. 47 young adults gathered from all over the Southeast of England to meet, get to know, pray, worship, learn, have their minds blown and have their imaginations spurred!  Ten leaders from around the LSE Region came as well to invest in these young dreamers.

This was such an amazing few days. What a fantastic canvas to work with.  What a simple idea that has so much payoff!  If we nurture their dreams and visions then they will be ready when the future is theirs. Here are some comments from a few attendees –

How has your personal journey with Jesus been affected by attending Boot Camp 2016?

“Very positively, had lots of very clear conversations with God on a variety of topics in my life, it’s rare I hear so clearly from God about so many things in such a short space of time.”

“I’ve deepened my understanding in the importance of prayer and I learnt a few things about how to be more like Jesus, and how these things sound very appealing to me because it’s how I’m wired! The leaders were so honest and I didn’t come away feeling burdened but instead I feel at peace.”

“Haha! A lot! I feel like my mind was blown slightly, and I’ve entered a new level of freedom.”

How has your understanding and vision for leadership been affected by attending in Boot Camp 2016?  

“I feel empowered and supported by Vineyard as a whole as well as equipped to lead. I am also more aware that leadership is a more fluid term and can look like a lot of different things.”

“I’ve started to learn / understand a new level of freedom, and grace in my walk which affects how I see leadership as a whole.”

To find out more about Church Planting with the Vineyard please click here.  For information about being trained for a life in ministry click here.

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