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7 Ways to Use Vineyard Training in your Church

A helpful guide for churches

Vineyard Training is a digital platform, created by Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland to train this movement of local churches. Here are 7 ways that you could use this platform in your own setting.

1. Promote In Your Church

Highlight the platform in your church and circles, to encourage ongoing personalised training for those in your church; emphasising the flexibility of learning and the benefits to further their own training and to further understanding of the values and DNA of the vineyard.
Many may not understand that they can affordably study Kingdom theology on a Vineyard platform, around their existing commitments and without needing to distant learn or enrol on a full-time course.
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2. Use As An Aid To Mentoring

Modules can be used in conjunction with one-on-one training, discipling and mentoring (e.g. “Go to Vineyard Training and complete the module on spiritual formation and then next week we’ll meet for an hour, talk about it and how this applies in our context.”)
Each module has its own URL that you can circulate for easy registration.
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3. Create A Course For Your Church

The context of each church is entirely different, so you can easily create a course that suits a season of your church.
Use modules as the basis for a multi-week course for anyone in your church to cover some of the material, either thematically or mixed between the different content streams. The content would be completed at home, and once a week those who are in the course can meet to discuss the content, get further teaching from someone in person, worship and pray for one another.
Just create a list of the modules to watch and make this list available for those who want to complete the course.
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4. Invest In Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Supplement internal training, by using modules to create a leadership training course for emerging leaders, using the principles of the point above. This can be further developed by splitting the larger group into small groups, who then watch different modules. Then when they meet, they can take turns summarising the content and teaching/explaining it to the other groups, journeying together and applying their learning in your church.
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5. Use Modules In A Small Group

All of the above ways can be done in the context of Small Groups as well. Small Group members can watch the content (e.g. a Vineyard DNA module) at the group location and discuss together. Alternatively, they can view the films before the group and then come together to share their thoughts and discuss in more detail. (Some video lengths are more conducive to this than others.)
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6. Direct Leaders To Specific Content

Our modules can also be used in the ‘monitoring and nurturing’ phase of leadership development and not just the initial training phase.
One example would be to have Small Group leaders complete a module every term and then meet with their cluster leader or staff member to discuss the content and pray for one another. The outcomes of this could point towards other modules and personal disciplines that could help their leadership development and personal walk with Jesus.
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7. Create Training Plans For Ministries

Ministry leaders can use modules for training, as volunteers join Sunday or Midweek teams. This could especially apply (at present) to Kids, Youth and Compassion teams to form part of the ongoing training that they receive to understand vision and values, alongside local church input.
We hope that these suggestions spark ideas for how this platform can be used in your church. If you are using it in any other way, please let us know, we’d love to hear from you.
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Sign-up to Vineyard Training and explore the available modules and start using them in minutes.
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About Vineyard Training

Vineyard Training provides a platform to facilitate ongoing training in your church so that teams and individuals can be continually receiving investment into their growth.
We long to see everybody equipped for the task that God is calling them to. We desire to complement local church training, with online modules that are tailor-made to the needs of groups and individuals in the movement. Vineyard Training brings together the best training in ministry specific modules for you to use whenever you need, on any device.
Modules can then be watched as teams or individuals, with videos, articles and recommended reading to support training. With easy online assessment and output that will benefit the local church.
Modules cover: Theology, Worship, Church Planting, Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Compassion Ministry, Vineyard DNA, Leadership and much more, with new modules being added all the time.
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