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a review

On 14th June we held a National Communications Workshop with Dan Wilt and Mark Crosby.

The training day covered:

:: Lessons from church communicators
:: The role of communications in helping to grow churches
:: Maintaining momentum
:: Serving church ministries and helping them thrive
:: Platforms, tools, tips and tricks.
:: Raising volunteer teams.

Here’s what some of the attendees had to say:

“The comms workshop was no doubt one of the most enriching training experiences I could receive for my involvement in church life. As a brand new church plant where communication and social media are priceless tools, to be able to use the pearls of wisdom gained here in building a strategy from the ground up, is invaluable. Not only fit for the early days of church life, I’m beyond confident that this training will be a key factor in the continued growth and strength of the church and all of it’s ministries. Big thanks!”

– Robyn Omara, Manchester Vineyard

This training will be a key factor in the continued growth and strength of the church

“We were so excited to be in a room with others from the Vineyard who run the communications in their churches. Mark and Dan covered some helpful and relevant topics and inspired myself and a volunteer to look at our priorities as a comms team, always asking the ‘why’ and the ‘win’ in everything we do. There was plenty of time for questions and none were silly or too small. I came away re-envisioned that we can improve the front door to the church, welcoming others in and helping them in their relationship with Jesus. I’m already making changes and implementing the top tips which were given. Thank you Dan and Mark!” 

– Jen Hulett, Bath & Avon Vineyard

I came away re-envisioned that we can improve the front door to the church

“The communications workshop provided an excellent opportunity to draw on the experience of the comms directors for VCUKI and Vineyard USA, to network with fellow comms officers and share ideas about best practice. It’s given me plenty to think about for developing our comms strategy at Cardiff Vineyard and encouraged me in my role.”

– Sophie Douglas, Cardiff Vineyard

“My communications officer and I attended the inaugural VCUKI National Communications Workshop, hosted by Leicester City Vineyard on Tuesday, 15th June.  Our expectations of the day were more than exceeded! Here, in Mark (Crosby, VCUKI) and Dan’s (Wilt, VCUSA) skilled, wise, and down-to-earth presentation were some wonderful tools for what is such a key area of building healthy church.  The sessions were highly accessible, regardless of your expertise, and there was plenty of time made available for a more bespoke approach in several Q+A breakouts. Content was practical, allowing for an ease of application in our church on return, without failing to press into the deeper ‘why’ questions, which were given sufficient time to ponder. I would unreservedly recommend this workshop for anyone who is serious about seeing the undoubted impact improved communications can make on not only building healthy churches, but in carrying out our mandate to extend the kingdom and to reach the lost.”

– Simon Billington, Taunton Vineyard

The day was a great mix of insight, wisdom and very practical application

“The National Communications Workshop was excellent!  Not only were we made extremely welcome at the door but were led in a lovely time of worship.  The day was a great mix of insight, wisdom and very practical application of every aspect of church communication. Mark and Dan are highly skilled and organised communicators and there were many stand out points.  However, a definite take-home element was around storytelling.  People connect with stories not information, you can tell someone when the course is but how much more likely are they to attend if they have connected with that event?  We were then challenged to think about how we tell stories to each of our demographics, i.e. who are we communicating to and how do they want to receive information? What media forums are they already using?  So, targeting various forms of social media whilst not flooding every media format with every-thing but creating ‘rivers’ of good quality, inspiring stories and quotes then creating ‘splashes’ of important promotion. A quality day; informative, inspiring and challenging… and we haven’t even mentioned the Krispy Kremes!”

– Mark Forbes, City Church Aberdeen


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