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Leadership through Coaching – a review

At the end of April we held two coaching training events.  Chris & Maggie Parsons tell us what happened….

The first, led by Tom Camacho (USA coaching coordinator for church planting) and Karen Fields (USA coaching trainer), was part of a nine month’s process of training 22 coaches. They will be certified by VCUKI to coach church planters for the first two years of their journey, and senior pastors, by request, for a six month period, helping them through particular issues they are facing.

This was followed by a ‘Leadership through Coaching’ (LTC) workshop, led by Tom & Beth Camacho. A group of about 60 pastors and leaders attended and the aim was to equip us with coaching skills to free and empower us to lead more effectively. We arrived expectant to learn new skills and left having been deeply impacted by God.

We plan to repeat this workshop in the future for groups of a similar size, as this facilitates the community and sharing aspects of our time together.

Louise Williams, Area Leader for East Anglia and Senior Pastor for West Suffolk Vineyard said of the event:

“This was one of the most profound events I’ve ever been to (and I don’t say that lightly). This excellent training gave me the practical tools I’ve always been looking for to truly empower leaders to be all God made them to be, whilst also building a healthy, dynamic, life giving church culture. Tom & Beth Camacho pressed into the sweetness and wisdom of the Holy Spirit at every opportunity, bringing encouragement, affirmation and perspective as they led us. It was good to be reminded of that healthy balance between being and doing – a challenge, but so vital as we look to pastor our churches well. Can’t wait to start putting it all into practice!”

If you are interested either in being coached or in coming to the next LTC workshop, please click here and fill in the form so that we can be in touch with you as these opportunities arise.

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