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Coaching is the process of coming alongside someone to help them get clarity and confidence in addressing life’s opportunities. Coaching is not about telling people what to do, but is more about listening well and asking insightful questions.

About Coaching

In cooperation with the Holy Spirit, coaching can help a person or team sort out where they are, identify obstacles, set goals for the future, discover where God wants them to go, and then help determine how to best get them there.

Check out the ‘How do I get a coach’ section below to apply for free coaching from one of our team of trained coaches.


Nicola Bass
The Coaching team is led by Nicola Bass. For queries about Coaching please contact her team.

Our coaches are specifically trained to come along side you and...


Establish coaching relationship and agenda.


Discover and explore key issues.


Determine priorities and action steps.


Provide support and encouragement.


Evaluate, celebrate, and review plans.

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