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Re-engage: Times Of Transition

Caroline Riley

In a series of articles, our Coaching team take a look at the questions we might find helpful as we re-engage with our world in different ways after lockdown.

As we cautiously emerge from lockdown, some of us will hold onto fears developed during the pandemic. The sense of isolation has become normal. We have learned that it’s okay to wear a face mask, wash our hands for 20 seconds or cross the road when approached by another person. The normal daily interactions enjoyed by us pre-pandemic are distant memories. 

On transitioning from lockdown to having more freedom, how can we thrive once more? How can we begin to get back to those interactions we enjoyed pre-Covid? Perhaps one way back is by asking some coaching type questions. 

‘The intent of a man’s heart is deep water, but a man of deep insight draws it out’, Proverbs 20: 5 TLV.

We all have influence to draw out each other’s fears or concerns as we navigate our way out of lockdown into a new normal of daily life. Instead of asking ‘How are You?’ and getting the stock answer ‘I’m fine thanks’, try asking some of the following questions.

  • What is your biggest challenge regarding coming out of lockdown?
  • What do you sense the Holy Spirit is wanting to show you regarding your level of thriving as you emerge from lockdown?
  • What practical steps can you take to cooperate with this change?
  • Who can help you?
  • How can I pray for you?

A few coaching type questions can help a person to gain perspective and face their uncertainties about their new normal. So why not turn your conversation about coming out of lockdown into a powerful conversation by asking coaching type questions? We all have influence with those we know as we move into this season of transition.

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