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This course by Steve Nicholson is longer than our usual free content. It covers the history of the church, and lands on the emergence of the Vineyard and what it means to be a “Vineyard type of christian”.

Note: this teaching was done in a Vineyard in the USA to an American audience. It is helpful to watch the 101 and 201 modules before this module to gain a better understanding of the Vineyard Movement in the UK and Ireland. 

Learning Objectives

As a result of successful completion, you will be able to:

  • Understand what streams the Vineyard incorporates into its expression of church
  • Understand how the Vineyard movement is different than other movements and denominations
  • Understand what cultural context set the stage for the Vineyard movement to emerge.

Module Specification

  • Three videos
  • One handout
  • Reflection Questions

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