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This module begins with four basic human intuitions about the world:

:: The world is beautiful.
:: The world is broken.
:: The world can be healed.
:: There must be more.

These four intuitions shape the world as we know it and our lives within it. The course uses these four intuitions as lenses through which to tell and come to more deeply understand the Big Story—the biggest story there is: a story Jesus liked to tell as the Story of the Kingdom of God. Even if you already think you “know” the Bible, this course will help you see the unity of Scripture, read every part of the Bible in light of the whole, consider your life in light of God’s Story, and share that story with others.

Learning Objectives

As a result of successful completion, you will be able to:

Describe the mission and message of Jesus.

Model Jesus ministry to the world today.

Elaborate on the three growing windows of Old Testament Kingdom expectation.

Discuss the “coming of the kingdom in the mission and ministry of Jesus” as enacted, inaugurated eschatology.

Explain how the events of the cross, resurrection and ascension serve as supreme moments of enacted, inaugurated eschatology.

Explain the outworking of the Kingdom in the Christian life, as understood through Pauline theology.

Justify that the Christian disciple is both called and authorized to inaugurate the kingdom as Jesus did.

Module Specification

8-10 hours of video.

10 hours of reading and studying.

Multiple-choice assessments.

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