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Key phrases have often been used for this dimension, such as “power healing,” “prophetic evangelism” and “power evangelism.” The purpose is to build faith and expectation in disciples of Jesus to receive the empowering of the Spirit for witness, leading to radical obedience to his commission, through revelatory/prophetic gifts, gifts of healing and deliverance, all combining to effect power evangelism. A key step in the equipping process is to lay a strong foundation in Christian identity.

Learning Objectives

As a result of successful completion, you will be able to:

Describe the kingdom mandate Jesus gave to his church.

Live a confident Christian life based on a profound sense of identity “in Christ.”

Understand the purpose of the Pentecostal empowering of the Spirit and be open to experiences of such empowering.

Define the nature of the charismatic gifts of the Spirit and seek to discover those gifts you are called to as an individual.

Understand the nature of New Testament prophetic ministry and learn to step out in faith and take risks, particularly in prophetic evangelism.

Lay hands on the sick and pray for them, and exercise the ministry of deliverance to those who need it.

Combine prophetic and healing gifts in power evangelism.

Initiate prayer for the coming of the Kingdom, or the coming of the Spirit, in various kinds of Christian gatherings, small to large.

You will find more detailed learning objectives in each Learning Block.

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