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The Doing Spirituality course by Alexander Venter is essentially about Christian spirituality, what he calls ‘The Journey of Character Formation Toward Christlikeness’. The course defines what Jesus means by ‘discipleship’ and what Paul means by ‘being spiritual’. It’s a historical (the four historical spiritual traditions in the Church) and Biblical (the theology of the Kingdom of God) study to spiritual formation, with the major part of the course given to practical application in terms of ‘doing spirituality’ via classic spiritual practices for growth and transformation in Christlikeness. This course will 1) give you insightful (new) knowledge of Christian spirituality; but will, more importantly, 2) enable you to practically engage in purposeful systematic spiritual formation in your own life, and 3) equip you to help others in their spiritual formation.


Learning Objectives:

On completion of this course, you will know how to:

  • Follow Jesus in daily life.
  • Put to death your old sinful tendencies and live resurrection life.
  • Put together a balanced life-plan for your spiritual formation.
  • Engage in the spiritual required to implement and pursue that plan.

Module Spec:

  • 23 short videos
  • Six handouts
  • Six Quizzes

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