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I lay a hand on a shoulder
I ask your Spirit to come
I’m watching waiting and listening
Can’t wait to see what you’ve done

And I pray every day
As I wait for you
So I pray every day
As I wait for you
To come

I pray for those who are hurting
I ask your Spirit to move
I’m watching waiting and listening
Can’t wait to see what you do

You’re the maker of the heavens and the earth
You’re with me every single day
You know what I need before I even ask
You can take the pain away
There’s no need to be afraid
Come and fill me up again



Pray was one of a group of songs that God inspired me to write for our younger kids group at church in a particular season where worship was feeling very dry. I would often wake up in the night or in the morning and have a song lyric or tune in my head. I had a journal by my bed and sometimes just drew a line to show the melody before I forgot it! My daughter, Elsa and I would then head down to the piano and figure out the chords and lyrics. Each week, we would teach the kids at church the new songs and make up actions. God was so kind and brought a boost of joy and creativity to our lives!!” – Victoria Bush

“I loved how the original lyrics captured so perfectly and simply our values around prayer & ministry. I loved the encouragement for our little ones to pray hands on and to wait for the Spirit to come – it’s a great reminder for all ages. In order to help the song become more accessible for older children I extended the second verse to acknowledge those who might be hurting in some way, and added a bridge to encourage all of us that God’s perspective is always bigger than ours and he can meet our needs. The gospel feel was more of a personal thing, which I though worked well, but then Louis took the song to another level completely with his vibe-y arrangement.” – Nigel Hemming

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