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Story Roundup: September 2020

Stories from across the movement

In the Vineyard we believe that everyone gets to play: everybody can live naturally supernatural lives. When we hear stories of people we know stepping out in faith, it makes it more accessible for us to step out too! As we remember and tell stories about what God has done, we’re able to step into what people before us have contended for. What once seemed new and unusual can become our normal.

Here are some incredible stories from the month of September. Why not take this opportunity to ask God how you can partner in what he’s doing in your community?


Four Stories of Healing from Scotland (Kingdom Vineyard)

We just love these stories of healing from Kingdom Vineyard in Scotland. Read the full article here!

Child Contact Centre Goes Digital for Lockdown (Leeds Vineyard)

We just loved this story from Leeds Vineyard. They were able to provide creative digital solutions so their Child Contact Centre could continue it’s valuable work through lockdown!

Read the full article here.

God is Our Strong Tower (Kingdom Vineyard)

We just love hearing stories about how God speaks to us individually!

Online Kids Church “Felt Like Family” (Trent Vineyard)

Becka from Trent Vineyard shared some stories with us about what Trent Kids has been up to over the past few months. Read them here.

Weaning Packs for Families in Need (Kingston Vineyard)

In the Vineyard, we love all ages! Read Kingston Vineyard’s story about providing for babies and toddlers here!

Eczema Healed (Causeway Coast Vineyard)

We know a God who loves to heal! Here’s an incredible story of Healing from Causeway Coast Vineyard on the North Coast of Ireland!

Every Person Said Yes to Jesus (Vineyard Church Cardiff)

Here is just one of the many incredible stories we have heard about the running of Online Alpha in this season!

Find out more about running your own online courses through our recent Vineyard Training module.

Vineyard Compassion Receive CSJ Award (Causeway Coast Vineyard)

This month, Vineyard Compassion, birthed out of Causeway Coast Vineyard in Northern Ireland, were honoured to receive the Centre for Social Justice Financial Inclusion Award, presented by Rachel Riley!

From the moment I walked through the door I was treated with respect and dignity.  If I hadn’t come to Vineyard Compassion, I’d probably be dead or in jail.

Read more about Vineyard Compassion here.

Watch the award being presented here.

Zoom Quizzes Have Widened the Invitation (Vineyard Bath)

We love this fun story from Vineyard Bath about how they’ve connected with people further afield during this online season.

A Kindness Revolution in Northamptonshire (Central Vineyard)

We just loved hearing about all the creative ways Central Vineyard got stuck into sharing kindness in their community through lockdown! You can read this story in full here.

Do you have a story about what God is doing in your context? We would love to hear it! Please email us here.

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