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Online Kids Church “Felt like Family”

Trent Vineyard

In the Vineyard Movement, we are passionate about raising children who live and love like Jesus. We have heard so many stories throughout this lockdown period about children “doin’ the stuff!” Here’s Becka from Trent Vineyard to share what Trent Kids have been up to over the past few months.

“There has been so much going on in Trent Kids in this season! We have just loved seeing how lives are changing – even through lockdown. 

We have heard two stories of two young people who said yes to Jesus during lockdown. We have had the privilege of sending out new believers packs and speaking with them and their grown ups. These are the most encouraging stories we hear because we believe that these are lives that are forever changed! 

Throughout lockdown we have heard about a number of our kids who were coming up with creative ways to raise money for different charities. Joshua (Year 4) did an epic bike ride and raised over £1000 for the NHS. Hope (Year 6) and some of her friends from her ‘Trent Microgroup’ did a sponsored silence and others baked and raised money. There are so many more stories of our kids blessing their communities and connecting with their neighbours in loads of different ways – from baking, to writing encouraging messages! 

‘Microgroups’ are small groups for our kids in Years 4-6 that meet over Zoom weekly. Some of our youngest girls have explored the Daily Examen in their Microgroup through a resource produced by the Vineyard Kids Network. Especially at this time, when our kids have so many thoughts and feelings to process, it has been incredible to see these girls loving and engaging with this spiritual practice. 

We have also involved our kids in the Online Adult Service in this season! Our kids have led online devotionals, been involved in interviews and also shared words of knowledge. In their Microgroups, we asked our kids to pray and ask God if there were any specific conditions he wanted to heal one Sunday. Lots of kids sent in words, which were collected by the leaders, and Debby shared them in the service. We had great feedback from a number of people in the service who said that the specific words had been for them! One of the words our kids shared was for someone with ‘really bad headaches’, and another for ‘swollen legs, that are hurting and damaged.’ We have a prayer team who offer personal prayer during and after the service and one lady responded to the really bad headaches commenting that when she heard the word she knew it was for her. During prayer the headache lifted! A gentleman responded to the word about the legs in the comment section of the chat and received prayer and later told us that all the pain had gone. 

Even though we’ve been physically separated, it’s felt like family and we are hungry to see more!

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