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Story Roundup: March 2021

Stories from across the movement

In the Vineyard we love to share stories! Here are some of the stories that we shared through March 2021.

A Lockdown Partnership in Crouch End (London Life Vineyard)

We love to hear stories of local churches partnering with what is happening in their communities. Here’s one story of just that from London Life Vineyard…

A Story of Multiplication (East Kilbride Vineyard & Cumbernauld Vineyard)

At the Vineyard National Gathering we shared this story from East Kilbride Vineyard and Cumbernauld Vineyard about how they worked together to bless hospitals in their community. This March we shared that video with you again!

Vineyard Churches Teaming Up (Wokingham Vineyard & Manchester Vineyard)

Another story of partnership and of Vineyard churches working together!

422 Manchester (Manchester Vineyard)

Manchester has one of the highest rates of child poverty by local authority, with 42% of families struggling to provide what most others take for granted. In an area defined by low educational attainment, unemployment, broken relationships and poor health, Manchester Vineyard long to rewrite the story.

422 has stood empty since 2011. Through the restoration of this building Manchester Vineyard hope to work towards reversing the detrimental effects of child poverty and help a hurting community flourish.

Knees Healed at the VNG (Melton Vineyard)

Here’s a story of healing from the Vineyard National Gathering in January!

Planting a church in the middle of a pandemic – What now? (Thetford Vineyard)

Back in 2020, we shared the start of the story of the Thetford Vineyard. As the journey of this new church plant unfolded, we wanted to celebrate the next chapter in their story. Read the full article here.

Wrist Healed During Online Church (Birmingham Vineyard)

We loved this story of healing from one of the team at Birmingham Vineyard.

Fresh Fruit & Veg for Families (Kingston Vineyard)

A great story of compassion from Kingston Vineyard!

Joel’s Video (Causeway Coast Vineyard)

Joel from Causeway Coast Vineyard in Northern Ireland decided that he would make the most of his daily exercise to share Jesus’ love with his community. In thirty minutes of his day, he met three people eager and hungry to meet with God. Here is the story.

Do you have a story about what God is doing in your community? We’d love to hear it! Email us: [email protected]

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