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Everyone Said Yes to Jesus at Online Alpha

Hull Vineyard

We’ve heard so many incredible stories about Online Alpha being run in Vineyard churches across the UK and Ireland during this lockdown period. Through all the uncertainties lockdown has brought, people have been opening up and asking questions about faith. We chatted to Josh from Hull Vineyard to hear a couple of the stories from their recent Online Alpha. 

“We’ve just finished running our first Online Alpha at Hull Vineyard, and it’s been incredible. Seven people joined us on the course, which we ran over Zoom, and everybody made a first-time decision to follow Jesus, or a re-commitment to Christ!

One girl was in floods of tears on Zoom after re-giving her life to Christ. She shared with the group that she’d been away from God for years and had finally come back that night.

One lady gave her life to Jesus for the first time. She shared afterwards, “I had to do it. It’s been a long time coming. Does your church do baptisms?” 

The next day she texted me saying she’d been involved in pagan practices for many years, had trained as a white witch, got involved in tarot cards etc. Her kids used to see terrifying faces at the window. She’d explored virtually every religion out there and finally, come to Jesus. Her life has been transformed ever since. She’s renounced her former life – and told the pagan friends she’d been involved with that she’d given her life to Jesus. They weren’t happy and it led to some tough persecution, but she shared after this –

“I’d rather have Jesus in my life than anyone else.”

What incredible stories! We just love to hear about people giving their yes to Jesus. If you’d like to find out more about Online Alpha, check out

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