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Lockdown Stories: Three Healings Online

Belfast City Vineyard

We can’t meet together, but God is continuing to move in powerful ways. Live Streams have enabled us to stay connected and connect with God as a church family, even while we are all apart. We loved hearing these three stories of healing from Belfast City Vineyard this week!

Healed from Vertigo 

“When I went live on our Facebook page for our daily encouragement videos, I felt like God said he wanted to heal someone of Tinnitus or a ringing in their ears. I shared this on the live stream, and one person emailed me in response. They had been reading the Bible the night before and looking at the same passage that I had covered. They suffered from vertigo and a “whooshing” sound in their ear. That morning they had also woken up dizzy. I recorded a prayer, commanding vertigo to go and for the person to be healed, and sent it to them. They responded two hours later to say they had noticed a remarkable difference and they were able to get out for a walk. They have not had any symptoms since!

Healed from Knee Pain 

On Facebook Live, Andy shared some conditions that he felt God wanted to heal. One was for eyes, another was knees and the other was for pancreas and liver problems. He later received a message from someone who is not part of Belfast City Vineyard – in fact, they don’t even live in Northern Ireland. They shared that they had knee pain every time they went out for a walk. When Andy prayed live on Facebook, they didn’t feel anything but, in faith, they went out for a 2 ½ hour walk the next day and had no pain at all. The pain before was influencing how they lived, but they are now totally pain-free! 

Healed from Joint Pain

At Friday church online, Alan and Laurie shared that they felt God wanted to heal joint pain in places where cartilage had worn away. A number of people responded. One man reported that he had been for a run the day before and had experienced severe knee pain. He had had to pull out of running a couple of miles in and was pretty sure it was going to put an end to his running for a while. During Alan and Laurie’s prayer, he felt the presence of the Holy Spirit on him. He went for a run later that afternoon and ran seven miles with no pain at all. He shared that the injury is healed and has not had any pain since!

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