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Four Volumes of Lockdown Stories!

Stories of God moving during COVID-19

Telling stories has been a powerful tool throughout 2020. In a season where it’s been easy to feel alone, fearful and uncertain, telling stories about what God is doing has reminded us that God is real, alive and at work.

Throughout 2020, we’ve told stories of people being healed over Zoom, coming to know Jesus on the streets, and so many incredible moments of generosity and compassion. We want to share these to give God the honour and the glory that he deserves!

This year, we have released four volumes of Lockdown Stories. These digital booklets have been full of stories that are sourced from Vineyard churches in the UK and Ireland and shared with their permission. We have been encouraged and inspired reading them!

If you haven’t read these stories, we’d encourage you to have a look! All four volumes are accessible below.

Do you have a story about what God is doing in your life or your community? We’d love to hear it. Send us an email at [email protected]

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