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Kids Activities: Love Your Neighbours

For Kids

Marna Esterhuysen (Children’s Pastor, St Albans Vineyard) has put together a series of activities that you can try at home with your kids to help them engage with loving your neighbours.

Neighbourhood Heart

This is designed to help us get to know our neighbours, and to serve as a reminder to pray for them and for God’s Kingdom to come in our streets!

There is also a version for grown ups to use which you can download here.

Neighbourhood Mission Ideas

These exercises will help us to take different steps to love God, love our families, and love our neighbours, just as the disciples did once they received the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Download them and try them out today!

Love Your Neighbour Bracelet / Keyring

Download the template to make a small “Love God and Love Your Neighbour” heart to wear around your wrist or to put on your home keys as a reminder to do this whenever you leave your home. 

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