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We Shine Family Activities

Written by Katie Wilson

We have created a series of games and activities for you to journey as a family. They have been designed to partner with some of the songs from the Vineyard ‘We Shine’ album. At the end of these activities, it is our hope that your children will grasp the heart and Biblical truths behind these songs, and in turn respond with praise as they sing along and worship with them.

We have pitched these sessions predominantly at Primary school aged children, but most of the activities are accessible for all ages. If you have pre-schoolers, they will have fun joining in with the activities and will still grasp lots of the concepts about their Father God.

It would be great if you could have the worship songs ready to play and Bibles available for everyone to use. Help your children with finding the passages and following along. We have also included copies of scripture that you can read through together at the end of each session. Then you can talk about the things God is highlighting to each of you.

If your children are younger, when you are reading the Bible passages, explain any more complicated words before you start, or use a different version if you prefer. We are praying that you have some amazing family times together and that this time at home becomes a season of accelerated spiritual growth for you as a family.

Be blessed!

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