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Four Stories of Healing from Scotland

Kingdom Vineyard

We believe in a God who loves to heal, and we are just loving hearing healing stories through lockdown! God is showing up and moving powerfully while everyone is engaging with church in their own homes. Caitlin from Kingdom Vineyard in St Andrews, Scotland, shared these four stories of healing with us!

Arthritis Healed

On Sunday morning someone shared in the service that they felt like God wanted to heal somebody’s right hand – possibly from arthritis. I have bad arthritis in my right hand and that day my middle finger was particularly worse than usual. I had started to become a little worried about it. As the team prayed, I felt that something was happening. 

My arthritis can come and go regularly and so I have waited to see how it’s been for a few weeks. Today, my finger is not fully pain free but it is significantly better than it has been! I have very little pain. The rest of my hands, which have been causing me trouble for a long time are totally pain free! I am so glad to be able to do my sewing without any problems once more!

Right Knee Healed

“Yesterday I hurt my right knee – I was sitting in the garden when I felt it click. Since then, it has been sore, especially hurting when I stand up. In the service today, Jim [Senior Pastor] shared two words of knowledge about pain in the right leg. I laughed and thought: “close enough”. The next word he gave was about a knee, and I thought: “typical”. Needless to say, I tested it after praying for it, and it is much better! Praise God!”

Lower Back Pain Healed

“I had been experiencing some severe twinges in my lower back for a number of days, linked to pain in my left leg. On Sunday, one of the team shared that they felt God wanted to heal someone with lower back pain. I responded to this word and immediately felt better! The pain significantly reduced.

That afternoon I did 5k on the rowing machine and have had no ill effects whatsoever!”

Nothing is Insignificant to God

“Jim felt like God wanted to heal somebody’s lower back pain during this morning’s service. My initial thought was that the discomfort I’d been feeling all morning from yesterday’s gardening session was definitely not what he was referring to!! It had been annoying me all morning and I had to keep readjusting my sitting position while watching the online service to try and get comfortable. 

I decided to just go for it and so I placed my hand on my back as Jim prayed. Initially I felt nothing, but when he spoke about spines realigning, I felt a crunching up from my lower back all the way up my spine. And the pain had completely gone. I have since been for a run, bended, twisted etc! Nothing!

I felt God remind me that nothing is insignificant to him! I think maybe he was telling me ‘I’ve sorted your back, now just trust me with all that other stuff too!”

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