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Encountering Jesus on the Streets of London

Story from Riverside Vineyard

Some Saturdays between 20-30 people invite Jesus into their heart on the streets of London.

Riverside Vineyard Church in Feltham have recently sent teams onto the streets of multiple communities in London to bring hope to their city by telling people about Jesus. To find out what was going on we chatted to Steve and Lucy Barclay.

They were excited to share how teams have been regularly sent to Feltham, Hounslow and Staines, as well as further afield including Basingstoke. They explained, “We head out once a month for two hours on a Saturday to share the gospel and invite people to open their hearts to Jesus.

On some Saturdays, we’re seeing between 20-30 people invite Jesus into their hearts on the streets of London. Recently in Staines a 16-year-old youth, after hearing about how Jesus has made eternal life possible, said that he did not want to die but live forever. He opened his heart to Jesus, as did five of his friends. 

In another town, Basingstoke, two 18-year-old men kept asking what the strange feeling was inside of their chests after we prayed that the Holy Spirit would fill them. The team explained that it was God’s presence touching them and afterwards they too both gave their yes to Jesus.”

Steve and Lucy shared how encouraging it was to see so many people, from different communities across the South East, step out in faith. “Our team are discovering that as they turn up and choose to partner with God, he is there waiting.


If you’re encouraged by this and would like to find out more about how to lead a person to faith, watch this helpful resource…


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