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Our world is in a state of waiting. Waiting for cures, waiting for change, waiting for health and connection. Advent is a time where we can position our hearts and minds on the reality of the state of our world and the state of our lives; to feel deeply the reality that we need God to save us. And when it all seems darkest, when God feels silent, as we wait not knowing what to do – God answers the cry of our hearts. Advent is an experience of the coming of Jesus. The coming of Joy, the coming of life, of God with us. Let’s journey this advent together.

Over the advent season we will journey through weekly spiritual exercises designed to help us reflect on the coming of Christ. They will help us slow down in a busy season, so that we may be more attentive to the movement of God around us. We will dwell on scripture, so that we can hear more clearly the voice of our creator. We will engage our God given imaginations to allow our minds to be in awe of this amazing God who left all power behind in order to be with us. We will contend with silence, knowing that our heavenly Father is always at work and the still small voice is readily at hand, and most importantly that the Lord is God and sovereign over all.

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