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Story Roundup: October 2019

Stories from across the movement

Throughout October, we shared various stories of what God has been doing across the movement in The UK & Ireland. We’ve gathered them below and hope they encourage you!

An Invitation to Family Transformation (Life Vineyard)

Jesus is constantly issuing invitations for people to join his family, and this month we heard about the radical transformation of one family following an invitation to church from a friend at the school gate. Watch the video below!

Summer Holiday Provisions (West Suffolk Vineyard)

This year, God spoke to West Suffolk Vineyard about extending what they do through their Storehouse project in order to cater for more specific needs in their community over the school summer holidays. It was amazing to hear what God did through this! Read the full story here.

Swimming in the Sea (Causeway Coast Vineyard)

At Vineyard we believe that God speaks to all of us and wants to use us all to extend his Kingdom. This amazing story from Causeway Coast Vineyard shows how simply listening and responding to God’s voice can transform lives!

Planting a Congregation in a Retirement Complex (Winchester Vineyard)

What would you do if God told you to move into an independent living, retirement complex before you felt you were ready?  Out of obedience, that’s exactly what Neil and Jenny did last year, and what happened was remarkable!

Read their story in full here.

Scoring Goals for Foodbanks (Vineyard Church Dungannon)

This month we heard all about the ways that Vineyard Church Dungannon are partnering with their local community, including through their local football club. The Swifts have been collecting food for ‘Reach’, Vineyard Church Dungannon’s food bank and support service.

Read the story here. Premiere also shared the story on their website.

Kingdom Impact (Birmingham Vineyard)

In October, Birmingham Vineyard hosted Kingdom Impact 2019 – a conference designed to teach people to grow in having a powerful and effective Kingdom impact on the world around them.

We heard some amazing stories off the back of this conference, and this is just one story of how one lady took what she’d learnt and chose to step out in her everyday.

Being Jesus’ Hands & Feet (Growbaby) Stories

When Noni Farrelly started Growbaby in 2003, it was a distant dream that they would reach so many people in their community. Now Growbaby projects serve thousands of families each year – both in their own church in Kingston and across the UK and Ireland. We spoke to a few churches who run Growbaby projects in their cities to find out all that God has been doing, which you can read about here.

9-11’s Hearing God’s Voice (Riverside Vineyard Church)

We love hearing that churches are encouraging kids to listen to God’s voice because we believe that he want to speak to us all, no matter our age. This story was from Riverside Vineyard.

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