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So on a personal level, I would read through the Bible every year – i use the NIV through the year Bible that’s been tremendously life-giving. Old testament, New Testament, Psalms, Proverbs. What I love about that is all year, you get out of your favourite passages and into the arc of the whole of scripture and so instead of just your favourite passages about God, you see the whole thing so that’s been tremendously important.

The practice of a weekly sabbath – I practice Sabbath ridiculously, I am super super diligent to make sure I take one day off a week that is dedicated to God. It’s not a day off where you do laundry and you catch up on all the tasks of the week, it is ceasing, resting, embracing, and feasting, so consciously practicing the sovereignty of God, giving God a day a week.

And then I think it’s very important to make sure that you spend time with your family, you prioritise your key relationships so I try and spend regular evenings one-on-one with my son, my daughter, obviously with my wife and then I try and take vacations when my kids are out of school so I am present when there’s actually time available. So, I just try and basically live a sustained urgency in my life so I want to run hard, but I want to have enough breaks in it that I can keep that pace up.

On a church level, our church follows the church calendar, so half of the year we’re following the seasons of the church calendar and then half of the year we’re not, so that seems to provide a solid anchor of tradition and freedom that’s been very life-giving for us.

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