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You Make All Things New from Trent is their first album of new material since their live album Burn Bright in 2009.

Since Burn Bright, Trent have focused more on leading worship regularly at their home church in Nottingham but it certainly hasn’t been quiet. Behind the scenes Trent continued writing songs together, enjoying leading worship and simply making music.

One or two songs found their way out of the rehearsal studio (‘Rise Up’, ‘My Heart Burns’, ‘One Desire’ and ‘Light A Light’) but they were waiting for the right time to make another album. In early 2014 a number of songs were brought together that seemed to make sense and the time felt right to get into the studio and create something new.

One song in particular, the title track, talks about the hope of transformation, that one day God will make all things new, that creation will be restored and we will see heaven break through. The juxtaposition of that hope with the pain and suffering we see around us in our families, our churches and the wider world is the heartbeat of this album. ‘Good and Perfect Gift’ tells of how rock solid God is no matter what we have going on. ‘Your Ways are Higher’ acknowledges his sovereignty, ‘I Give You my Heart’ talks about the incomparable joy of knowing Jesus, whilst ‘Lift Me Up’ speaks of the hands that hold us and can transform our mourning into dancing.

You Make All Things New was produced with expat Darren Clarke (co-writer along with his wife Jessie of the Vineyard classic ‘I Love Your Presence’) who came over from sunny California to spend two weeks in windowless rooms in Hull and Nottingham. His input was nothing less than impactful as he challenged and wrestled the band into exploring new directions in the pursuit of making something beautiful for God. Darren and Bryan Cook (who mixed the album) have turned these songs into something the boys can be proud of.

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