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Leadership and Multiplication

John & Debby Wright

Our Multiply Podcast hosts conversations aimed to stir, equip and provoke. Through interviewing thinkers, practitioners and pioneers, we aim to inspire and equip Kingdom people to launch Kingdom communities.

In this episode Paul Lowe & James Rankine interview our National Directors, John & Debby Wright. They cover topics such as creating culture, surrender as a discipline, healthy conflict and how to maintain momentum with church plants.


When it comes to culture, if it’s not something that you inherently carry in yourself, you’re going to find it difficult to reproduce.

When I think about culture, I think of four things, I think, first be it, then model it, then do it, and then release it.

Celebrate what you want to reproduce, and model what you want to reproduce.

I’ve got to empower other people to be released into their calling, to do what they were called to do.

In leadership, it’s not an upwardly mobile feeling of becoming more powerful, you’re actually on a journey of surrendering and embracing humility.

We’re not surrounding ourselves with ‘yes’ people, we’re surrounding ourselves with people who’ve got really differing views and can assert them. We’ve found that that’s where great decisions are forged, the best decisions are forged.

The best decisions come not from being a decisive leader, but from being an attentive leader who listens, and allows their own views to be shaped.

It is really important that at the same time as planting a church and celebrating the heroes that go, we must also celebrate the sending church!

God wants to use the moment we’re in to focus us on the mission we’re on. So this is not a time to be timid or to shrink back from our expectations. This is a call to be fruitful to multiply individually.

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