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Lockdown Stories: Volume 2

A collection of stories of God moving during COVID-19

During this lockdown, it would be easy to think that church has paused. Our buildings might be closed, but we’ve never been more open. Open to the activity of the Holy Spirit, open to sharing the good news of the gospel with friends and family, open to sharing our online services with neighbours and open to seeing God move in this land.

Now, more than ever, it is so important that we tell stories about what God is doing across our country.

We love to hear the stories from so many followers of Jesus who have been asking “what is this season making available?” in these unknown and unprecedented times. Despite the isolation, social distancing measures and sickness, God is on the move in powerful ways.

We want to share these stories to give God the honour and the glory that he deserves!

These uncertain times have the potential to make us feel alone and isolated. Sharing stories about what God is doing across the UK and Ireland can remind us that we are not alone. We might not be seeing breakthrough in our own circumstances, but we can continue to celebrate that God is real, alive and at work because of the stories we hear from other places.

This digital booklet is full of stories that have happened since the lockdown started.  The first volume of stories proved so popular, that we have created this second volume, sourced from Vineyard churches in the UK and Ireland and shared with their permission. 

We hope that you find this booklet encouraging and inspirational.

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