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National Leaders’ Conference 2020 Seminars


Listen again to the Seminars from the Vineyard National Leaders’ Conference 2020, including talks from John Mark Comer, Jeannie Morgan, Tom Camacho, Rosie & Andrew McNeil and many more. Recorded in January 2020. You can also listen to these seminars on our podcast.

The audio quality varies on some tracks, due to the nature of seminar recordings.


Mining for Gold // Tom Camacho

Following Jesus in the Midst of Life and Ministry // Andy Smith

Fear Less // Dr Kate Middleton

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry // John Mark Comer

The Teenage Mind: Forming Character out of Chaos // Dr Kate Middleton

Prayer Ministry: Inner Healing // Jeannie Morgan

Unlocking Entrepreneurship in The Kingdom // Mark Helvadjian

The Missing Generation // Jess Regnart

Contagious Compassion // Alan Carson

Finding Your Place in Serving the Nations // Andy McCullough

Stories that Shape Culture // Mark Crosby, Becky Hemming & Naomi Whybrow (VCUKI Comms Team)

Pioneering Leadership // Thomas Urquhart

Considering Multisite // Steve & Tammy Gee

Sharing Your Faith // Ben Hyatt

What Happens When Children Lead? // Becka Stewart & Dave Pavey

Vineyard Liturgy 201 // Harmony Smith

Time for Your Marriage // Rosie & Andrew McNeil

Impacting our Communities // Chris & Nic Kimmance

Developing a Culture of Generosity // Chuck Freeland

Growing Your Small Groups Ministry // Jason Clark

The Contemplative Space // Michael Munson

Starting a Youth Ministry from Scratch // Zeke Rink

How to Raise Up a Culturally Diverse Leadership Team // Tom & Lesley Thompson

Exploring Church Planting // James Rankine

Healing & Power Evangelism as a Lifestyle // Brian Blount

BBQ Hermeneutics: How to Navigate Big Bible Questions // Menno Helmus



Please note: not all seminars were captured.

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