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“When I first felt the Lord calling me to Kids’ Ministry, I had this feeling that we would always be playing catch up with the adults. I wanted our children to have access to all the things the grown-ups had. I wanted to see them worship the Lord with their whole hearts, pray for the sick, know the prophetic voice of God, lead people to Jesus… and some days I felt it would take a lifetime to pursue! In reality, I didn’t need to spend much time at all with our littlest folk before I realised the truth. Our children have in their hands the exact same inheritance as their parents do. You can live out the call of God at any time in your life.

If there is one thing that children understand really well, it is how to play. Play is what children do best. They have an innate capacity to pioneer new adventures, interact with friends and draw in strangers. Our children know how to play in the Kingdom too. This generation of children is fearless. They are carrying his presence into their schools and onto our streets with a tenacity and courage that changes things. This is a generation who are simply getting on with the exciting business of following Jesus, and in the process, they are breaking boundaries! In homes and schools where the name of Jesus is rarely spoken, our children are leading people right into his arms.

In order for the church to be the dynamic, culture changing, heart-shaping family Jesus intends for us to be, it must involve everyone, from the littlest and the least. When part of the body is left behind, we quite simply can’t carry the weight of all that he has for us! And so we must be catalytic in getting our whole church family into environments where God’s presence is thick, and we are propelled outwards. For when the powerful presence of God comes and revives, it comes for a generation in its entirety… young and old!”

Learning Objectives

  • Show and reproduce vision for Children’s Ministry.
  • Understand the fundamentals of a healthy Children’s Ministry.

Module Specification

  • 5 videos.
  • 2 articles.
  • Featuring Katie Wilson & Robby Dawkins.

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