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Ankle Pain Healed

Edinburgh Vineyard

In the Vineyard, we have a Kingdom theology that explains how God loves to heal and uses us in a naturally supernatural way to do this. As followers of Jesus, we carry his authority to pray for healing wherever we are. But we also recognise that God works in ways far greater than we can imagine! We love this story below from David at Edinburgh Vineyard.

“Two weeks ago, I arrived at my parent’s house with my wife. We were surprised to be met by my dad, struggling to walk because of the severe pain he was experiencing in his ankle. The pain was so great my dad was in tears and the only way he could use the stairs was while sitting down. We did the practical thing and got him to elevate his leg and rest it throughout the day, but we also prayed for healing and invited God’s kingdom to come. We saw no change, but that night we went home praying, “Lord, have mercy” under our breath. 

The next morning I phoned to ask after my dad, but only to discover that the pain was now worse. My mum had contacted their local hospital but no doctors were available to visit that day. Instantly my wife knew what we had to do – we jumped back in the car and drove over to them. It almost felt like a divine appointment. With a coffee in one hand, and sat next to my Dad who had his leg elevated, I gently laid my hand on his ankle and once again prayed, “Come, Holy Spirit.’ There was no immediate change and for the rest of our time there we kept repeating the prayer whenever we remembered. 

The next morning I received a call from my Mum saying, “David, I don’t know what’s happened, but your dad is in the back garden mowing the lawn. He has no pain! In fact, he walked down the stairs in a spritely fashion and is walking around like nothing is wrong. It’s wonderful.” The pain has not returned in the following couple of weeks!”

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