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Why we love the church

a review by Eleanor Mumford

Eleanor Mumford reviews “Why We Love the Church” by Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck.

Sub-titled “In praise of institutions and organised religion” this is a refreshingly bullish defence of church in a climate that is all too quick to complain. DeYoung is a pastor in Michigan and Kluck a leader in his church. Their combined and slightly contrasting insights are fascinating and their enthusiasm for conventional church ( if ever there were such a thing ) is really very heartening.  J. I. Packer wrote of two young men, a pastor and a layman, taking head-on and critiquing the criticisms of the institutional church that are all too fashionable today. “God-centred, Bible-centred, and demonstrably mature, they win the exchange hands down. As I read I wanted to stand up and cheer,” wrote Packer.

This is a book that is eminently readable, dare I say it, even quite light. But therein lies its charm and accessibility, It steadies the nerve and raises the faith of all who love the Church, which is after all what God so loves, warts and all.

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