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Lockdown Stories: Three Healings During Online Church

Kingdom Vineyard, St Andrews

Over the past few weeks, many churches have turned to online services and are exploring ways that they can stay connected as community during this digital-only season. We love hearing the stories about how God is showing up and moving powerfully, while everyone is engaging with church in their own homes. Here’s a brilliant story Caitin from Kingdom Vineyard in St Andrews. 

“On Sunday 5th April, a number of our team were praying during our online service and felt like God wanted to heal people with pain in the right side of the body. We shared this at the end of the service and prayed for healing. What followed was three stories of different people being healed in their homes!”


“Last Sunday, Jim shared that he felt like God was highlighting people with pain in their right side. I had been suffering for a couple of days with a sore right hip, which I think was because of a pulled muscle. I had been using an ibuprofen gel for relief and doing what I could to try to ease it. As Jim prayed at the end of the service I put my hand on the sore area and claimed God’s healing for my hip. When I stood up there was a huge improvement. On a scale of 1-10, I would say the pain went from an 8 to less than a 1, with just a tiny awareness of a bit stiffness in the hip. Jim said he would continue to pray and I continued to pray too. By Monday morning it was completely pain-free and no longer stiff at all!”


“I woke up on Saturday with really bad muscle pain in my right shoulder and neck, probably a result of bad posture sitting at my desk all day on Friday and a new home workout attempt. All through Saturday, I was in considerable pain, I had limited head movement and was unable to move my shoulder without hurting it more. I didn’t sleep well at all on Saturday because I had trouble finding a comfortable position and woke up from the pain throughout the night. I wasn’t really feeling any better on Sunday. 

While watching the live stream I was aware of the pain in my shoulder. Before Jim read out the words about pain in the right-hand side, I prayed for my shoulder. I felt the pain decrease slightly but I thought that could have just been placebo. Then Jim read out the words and two people had mentioned pain on the right-hand side, specifically muscle pain. I gave it another go and prayed again and this time as soon as I stopped praying all the pain went away, even when moving it around as much as I could. The pain was completely gone and has not returned!”


“I get chronic migraines, exclusively on the right side of my head behind my eye,  and the new medication I was given stopped working a couple of weeks ago. I’d had a bad migraine since before watching the live stream on Sunday morning which I was not enjoying! After the message on Sunday, Jim shared some words and pictures that the team had felt God wanted to move in. He mentioned something to do with the right side of someone’s head, and the moment he said headache my migraine disappeared completely!”

We believe that God moves all the time.  He is not confined to buildings or gathered environments and are expectant for more in this season.  If you have a story you would like to share with us email [email protected].  If you would like to be connected to a church near you please visit our church finder here.

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