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Worship Retreat 2017: A review

Harmony Smith

In March, worship leaders from around the movement gathered for a weekend retreat.  Harmony Smith gives us the low down on what happened…

We are in awe of what the Holy Spirit did at this retreat.  We saw a new freedom in our worship, and a re-awakening of the prophetic. There are reports of healing and deliverance in the worship times.  As we journeyed through the weekend, we leaned hard into both intimacy and passion. And yes, the rumours are true – there was dancing and spontaneous worship!

The greatest encouragement, however, is in ‘the aftermath’: what happened when our worship leaders brought this back with them to their churches.  Both worship leaders and pastors have been reporting an increase of the Holy Spirit’s presence on their worship leaders, but also in their services as a whole!

This year also marked our first ever Song Summit.  A group of 30 writers from around our movement gathered for 24 hours ahead of the retreat.  The teaching delivered by Adam Russell and Sam Yoder  (Campbellsville Vineyard, Kentucky) was not only inspiring teaching, but has sparked a whole new wave of songwriting across our churches.

Both the Retreat and the Song Summit seem to have been significant milestones in our Vineyard UK and Ireland worship history.

We are already seeing the fruit and there is so much more to come!

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