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Children’s Prayer Resources

Resources to help kids engage in prayer

Activities for households to use for prayer.

As we press into prayer, we would love to encourage every household to join with us, if you are able. To help with this we have created resources for children to have fun with, as they pray and learn to pray.

Vineyard Kids Worship – Pray

The song ‘Pray’ was released earlier this year from our Vineyard Worship Tribe. As we pray with our children, you might find this song and the words helpful.

The Kids Network have also put together a devotional to go alongside this song. This includes exercises to help children engage with the lyrics of the song. Download them below and have fun!

Praying for your Neighbours – Colouring Sheet

This colouring page is a way to help your children think about how God is moving in the area where you live. Chat to your children about how God knows and deeply loves the people who live around you.
When you are out for a walk or to play, look for opportunities to meet and say hello to your neighbours. When you get home, your child can colour in a little house and write the name of the person or family underneath. Then you can pray together for that household. 

You could write anything you feel God saying around the picture and think of ways to encourage your neighbours, like drawing them a picture or popping a card through their letter box. Have fun!

Other Exercises for Children

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